A pizza proud moment. 

This is a story in which you will not receive a recipe at the end.  Here’s why!

Have you ever wondered why some pizzas taste so much better than others?  Some are so bland that they taste like cardboard, while others melt in your mouth making you accidentally slip out a little ‘moan’-‘yum’!  That would be your tastebuds having a party, and you’re invited!

In my life, I have had a spectrum of pizza’s, some of which I would have happily given out a gold medal for.  I  always had a great respect for the chef that could create an amazingly tasty base.  Furthermore, I have been slightly baffled in how to achieve such success myself.

My perfect pizza base would be thin, crispy, and moorish.  You would think this is an easy task, but I assure you it’s not!  I looked up several recipes online but still could not find one with the taste I so desired.

I was lucky as a child to be spoiled by the best.  Pepe’s in Connecticut, which was frequented by some U.S. presidents, and the original Amici’s in San Francisco.  Fell in love with pizza in Florence, Italy, and indulged in some of Sydney’s better pizzerias!  I thought, there is no way I could compete with the likes of these pizza geniuses.  That is, until the other day.

I am not saying that my pizza base is better than that of my pizza hero’s, but I have created what I set out to achieve- a thin, crispy, flavoursome base!  I was so proud!  After spending 5 years (casually) trying to perfect it, I almost cried for joy.  Not sure what took so long, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been told before that making pizza is an art! And good art takes time.

Anyway, I’m stoked either way!  And, sorry, I may just keep this one a secret for a litte while longer.

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