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Some say food is the way to the soul. I would agree, so why fill your soul and your belly with food with packet and frozen foods? Growing up, I actually used to get headaches from pasta in a jar, then realised all foods with a large amount of preservatives made me feel sick. As I grew into adulthood I experimented with my cooking skills, taking many of my early recipes from my Nonna. She was an amazing Italian home cook. Her food literally melted in your mouth and I’d often find myself going for seconds and thirds when I was over her house. I couldn’t wait until the holidays when we would fly cross country from California to Connecticutt to see family and eat amazing food.

I’ve always looked up to my Nonna’s cooking and have expanded my repertoire to include many types of foods ranging from Italian to Thai, Indian and Japanese, plus whatever else I feel inspired to make. I become inspired by eating from different countries and chefs that also have amazing cooking talents. My inspiration drives me to create all around, nutritious food for my family and friends.

I encourage you to come along with my on my journey from creating homemade meals in my home to reporting on amazing food that I discover while travelling or eating out locally.

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Lauren’s Homemade Recipes

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  • Easy Salmon For All, Including The Kids
    I never thought my five year old child would take to salmon like a fish in water, but he absolutely loves it. So much so that he tries to eat our parent portions righ off our plates. I find, though, […]
  • Tasty Tacos
    Bring a bit of Mexico into your home with delicious tacos the whole family will love! In summer, I would tend to use fresh salsa with mango and coriander but as it’s winter here in Australia, my cravings lean more […]
  • Velvety Veggie Papardelle Pasta
    It’s warming, yet fresh – a perfect all year-round dish. What’s even more appealing is that it’s a breeze to throw together. A family favourite that will have your guests thanking you for such a wonderful meal! You can make […]