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Creating Delicious Food

In a world that is running at a million miles an hour it can be hard to remember to treat your body good and that includes eating well. It’s easy to go through a drive thru or shove something frozen in the oven, and at times, I admit it is necessary. But does it make you feel good or was it just a salty and sugary quick fix?

To me, nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal. Not only are meals from scratch delicious, they warm the soul while being a healthier option, using only fresh ingredients from your local grocer or supermarket. You don’t even have to spend all day in the kitchen like your nonna used to do to get a beautiful home-cooked meal that tastes like you ate out at a restaurant. On my blog, I will share some simple and delicious recipes that you can make at home without breaking the bank or putting back-breaking hours into cooking.

Follow me on my food adventure and find inspiration and recipes for cooking your own meals your friends and family will love, from Italian and Indian to Thai and Mexican cuisine.

Start creating your meal masterpieces at home and start getting ‘food’ creative!

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About Creative Mum

Lauren started Creative Mum in 2017 after her passion for food turned into something bigger. She started creating food that was not only delicious but well thought out and beautiful. Why not photograph it and share it with others!

Homemade Recipes

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Try Cooking These At Home!

Find recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner that are easy for any cook to try at home. In the recipe’s seciton of this blog, you will learn to create simple, but delicious cuisines from Italian, to Thai, Asian and Indian. Look out for more tasty recipe’s coming soon!

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    I never thought my five year old child would take to salmon like a fish in water, but he absolutely loves it. So much so that he tries to eat our parent portions righ off our plates. I find, though, […]