Oh Sweet Chops!

Meat never tasted so succulent and sweet!  Sorry to all the vegetarians out there.

This is one of the easiest meals to make and I love it!  It’s very simple and I have to pay homage to the creator for making such a delicious and easy sauce to whip up!  The creator is unknown to me as I literally saw it one day a while back while flipping through a coffee table cookbook.  From that recipe I created a delicious and warming dish.  Pair it with a spicy pinot noir, shiraz or merlot and you’re in heaven!


Lamb Chops with Apple Mint Sauce

Served with Baked Potato and Asparagus – serves 2


6-8 lamb chops

2 cups of mint

4 cups of apple juice

2-4 potatoes (your choice)

8-10 asparagus stalks

Salt and pepper

butter or margarine



Bake your potatoes- 45 min to an hour.


With 20 minutes left on the potatoes, heat up the water for the asparagus.


With 10 minutes left on the potatoes, add the asparagus to boil or steam- take off when al dente and cover to keep warm.

On medium to high heat add a glug of olive oil to the pan.

Salt and pepper the lamb chops.

Cook the lamb chops 3 minutes each side to achieve a medium rare finish.

Set lamb aside to rest and cover with a paper towel or tea towel.


Using the same pan add the apple juice.

While the apple juice is reducing, add salt, pepper and mint.

Once reduced down to a thin sauce and more golden in colour it’s ready to pour over your lamb.


Place your potatoes on the plate and open them to add butter or margarine, salt and pepper.

Place your asparagus on the plate with your lamb chops on top and pour the apple and mint sauce over the lamb.


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