This week’s food creations

My week so far…

SUNDAY MORNING- I was feeling a bit naughty so I created and indulged in a bacon, egg, spinach, and cheese roll on Focaccia!


SUNDAY NIGHT-  Homemade pizza with my special sauce, bocconcini cheese, balsamic honey glazed onions, bacon (left over from earlier), cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil.  Mamma Mia!!!


MONDAY-  After the bacon indulgence, a little healthy time was necessary.  I made a beautiful seared and baked chicken, a leafy green salad with roasted pine nuts, zucchini, goats cheese and cous cous.


Tuesday- Another healthy meal to follow serving up a simple veggie chilli basil stir fry!


TONIGHT….leftovers!- I still have 3 servings of pie left from last week.  After all this cooking, i’m taking a night off!


I hope I have inspired the inner cook in you and I look forward to sharing more in the next week!

Happy taste buds and tummies to you! 

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