Let’s be Zoo Friends!

Not too long after moving back to Sydney last year I was casually chatting with another mum while I was out and about.  She mentioned that they may go to the zoo for a few hours.  I thought to myself ‘I’d want to stay the whole day and get my money’s worth’!  I asked the mum, “Just a few hours? Is the zoo that small that you only need a few hours?”  She said, “Oh don’t be silly, we have Zoo Friends!” I stood bewildered and interested as she went on to explain to me what zoo friends was all about! It went something like this:

“If you become a Zoo Friend you can visit the zoo as many times as you want in a year, take advantage of half price parking, receive 10% off at the gift shop, and take advantage of pre-sale opportunities for events held at the zoo! And you only have to go a few times to get your money’s worth!”

I thought wow, now that is a deal!  Not just a deal for my pocket book but a whole years worth of fun for my little one.

At the time, I recognised that Lucas may need to be a bit older than he was then to really appreciate it.  So this year for his 2nd birthday we signed up!  We have been twice in a month and a half and I can see he really loves it.  As he starts to grow older I can only imagine him exploring more of the zoo and its animals and finding a real appreciation for it.

What I love about zoo friends is that we don’t have to be there for the full day.  We can come and go as we please, plan which talks and shows we want to attend, or just visit the petting zoo and playground.  With so many fun activities and educational talks it’s impossible to limit yourself to just one day.  There really is no limits with Zoo Friends!

I planned it all out perfectly for our most recent visit.  When we arrived, we had a bit of lunch and then strolled around to see a few frogs, giraffes, and elephants. Then we raced off to get a seat just in time for seal show.  We watched some adorable and friendly seals jump, spin and wave for the audience.  Then it was a train ride with our Zoo Friends discount to the kids playground and petting zoo where Lucas said “hi” to all the animals.  After a great deal of playtime we ended our time at the zoo with a walkabout around kangaroos, wallabies, and emu’s.  It was great fun and I am already planning the next visit!

When we arrived home Lucas would not stop talking about giraffes.  I think that might be his favourite animal in the zoo- at least until the next visit!   I can’t  blame him with the adorable factor of these animals being extremely high I think they may be my favourite too!

Let’s just say I had one happy boy on my hands and he slept beautifully through the night- dreaming of giraffes I’m sure!   With all that walking I think I may have dropped a few kilo’s myself.  It’s a win win!

I would highly recommend signing up if you have little ones.  If you want more information on how you can also become a Zoo Friend check out Taronga Zoo’s website!


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