Seared Salmon


With sweet potato and roasted pine nut rocket and spinach salad Serves 2


2-3 cups of spinach

2-3 cups of rocket (arugula)

6-8 cherry tomatoes diced 4 wedges

Half of a red onion sliced thinly long ways (almost iridescent)

Half of a sweet potato diced into 2-3cm (almost 1 inch)cubes

¼-⅔ cup of pine nuts

2 pieces of salmon

4 lemon wedges

1 Avocado Cut in half and sliced long ways


Olive oil

Salt and pepper

*You may choose to add some goats cheese


-Heat oven to 200 degrees celsius (400 degrees fahrenheit)

-In and oven safe dish, place diced sweet potato.  Add olive oil, salt and pepper and mix.  Place into temperature ready oven and cook for about 20min or until you see the outsides of the sweet potato crisp to a deep golden brown.  

-When the sweet potato is finished, set aside to cool.  

-Making the salad!

-In a salad bowl, add the rocket (arugula), spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and sweet potato, salt and pepper and set aside in the fridge before dressing until salmon is ready.

-Heat up your frying pan on high and add your pine nuts. Cook until golden brown.  (no oil) Set aside when done.

-Now oil your pan for the salmon

-Salt and pepper your salmon

-Once the oil in the pan is hot, place your salmon to sear. Sear salmon 2-3 minutes each side for a thin and flat(tail end) piece and 3-4 minutes each side for a thick and tall (head end)piece. The middle of the salmon should be medium/rare.  Take off the heat to set for a minute on the cutting board.

-While your salmon is setting, it’s time to dress the salad.

-Add about ¼ cup of olive oil and squeeze 2 lemon wedges. Add salt and pepper and drizzle with honey.

-Place the salad in the middle of the plate and sprinkle the pine nuts on the salad.  

-Place your salmon over the salad and your avocado on the side of the plate.  

-Salt and pepper the avocado.